Album of Songs 1 , 2 and 3

David Rolleston - Paja Rocky Lyricist

David joined the Paja Rocky production & development team as "lyricist" in 2011. Combining with Paja Rocky lead vocalist and composer, the pair have produced a remarkable collection of songs in quick time. David also operates as an independent lyricist via his website  Look out for more collaboration songs in the near future.

Pavel & Dave's Collaboration

Paja & David have evolved into a dynamic composition partnership. Together they are able to create musical concepts, develop melodic and lyrical ideas, then bring them together in complete packaged, marketable songs. Paja creates the music tracks, song titles and basic vocal melody guides. Dave then applies his lyric writing ability to create the matching themes & lyrics sets. He develops the vocal phrasing and timing with Paja. Ideas are exchanged during song development until the recoding versions are ready. Paja then records the songs in pure Paja Rocky Style!


Themes For Songs From Album of Songs 2

  1. Techno Metal Song - Instrumental Song
  2. Foo Song - A Tribute Song to Foo Figters
  3. Go West - Hip Hop Song. Human struggle to break bad addictions.
  4. No More Lonely Silence - about Lonely Guy
  5. Alternative Song - For people in relationships. They want to end the relationship. They want an "alternative" way of life.
  6. Look Around - it's a boy / girl, love pop song
  7. YT - You My Terra (Earth)
    • Earth as a female (persona)
    • An alien has been here studying earth
    • He must return to his home planet
    • He blasts off in is UFO ship
    • As he reaches space, the earth writes him a message in the clouds below him (using lightning)
    • So the song is about his feelings for earth as he perpares to go back to his planet.
  8. The Grand Designer - 
          V1 - Is about Time (father time)
          V2 - Is about Gravity (one of the imoprtant forces in the universe)
          CH - Who is the grand designer (he? or she?) We humans are running out of chances
          V3 - Is about Light
          V4 - Is about life (as on earth) and it's position in the universe.
          CH - Who is the grand designer. Will he save us after we have fucked up the earth.....
          EXIT - We are part of the grand design (by the grand designer - God)
  9. Orient Song - A drug addicts view of the world. (He likes drugs made in the "Orient")
  10. IS 2 - Instrumental Song
  11. The Dreaming Is Over - Song about a fantasy girl

Themes For Songs From Album of Songs 1

  1. A Song of Distortion - A youthful "distorted" view of life. Wanting to go out and "Hell-raise"
  2. A Song of Melancholy - Reflecting on personal emotions & human greed. Making the world a better place
  3. Shuffle Song - A look inside the mind of a casin0 card dealer. Their view on life and humanity.
  4. Shine Song - The search for a purpose in life. Wanting to achieve great things. Wanting to Shine.
  5. Hello I'm Leaving (Punk Song) - Looking for a new start in life. New challenges & relationships.
  6. Ballad Song - A lament at not being able to find the ideal partner.
  7. Romantic Song - Reflecting on a broken romantic relationship.
  8. Funky Song - About being patient & considerate in a new relationships & practicing "safe sex".
  9. The World Song - A pessimistic view of world politics, war, pollution & humanity.
  10. LZ Instrumental Song
  11. Shuffle Song (Piano Version) - As above.